•  Please leave the consideration in an envelope in plain view at the beginning of our time together. If I'm visiting you, I prefer the consideration to be left for me on the bathroom counter. If we are meeting in a public place, please have it in a greeting card/gift bag. 


  • Excellent personal hygiene is a must. There is always a shower available for you to use at the beginning and end of our session.


  • I do see couples. Both parties must be verified.

  • Trips to Greece are available. Please request this service up front when booking and be prepared for an extra consideration.​


  • Engagements 3 hours or longer must include some public social time. I'm happy to come up with recommendations on restaurants/bars in the area.

  • Please be courteous with my time in correspondence and in person. I won’t overstay an appointment and ask the same in return. If you should find yourself wanting my company longer by the end of our date, I will try my best to accommodate.


General questions regarding schedule are permitted, but crass and inappropriate messages will be ignored.


Please inquire for rates.